Day 21. Travel Day to France!

Today we were planning on taking the boat across to an island about 20 minutes from Venice, but unfortunately our plans had to change.

We wanted to spend the day on the island then get a train from Italy to France throughout the night. However, there is a huge train strike in Italy, so that messed up our schedule!

So we decided it was safer to just catch an earlier train to France than be stranded somewhere in Italy…even though that doesn’t sound so bad haha!

So we grabbed breakfast in our hostel and enjoyed our last few hours in Venice before jumping on the train to Milan, then to Nice.

The journey was stress free and we had really nice trains for both trips. We had a table with 4 seats to ourselves the whole time, which was perfect. There are charging stations on the trains too so that helps! The trains have also all had really nice cafes that sell all sorts of food and drink, which isn’t too expensive.

I went to grab a snack on the section between Milan and Nice, and when I walked into the cafe Mark Francis was standing there.

Now, if you’re not a Made in Chelsea fan, this will mean nothing to you because he’s a character off the reality TV show. It was so weird seeing him in person because it’s usually just through a screen. But of course, he was speaking in fluent Italian and French to the cafe workers haha!!

Anyways, due to our change in plans we didn’t actually have any accommodation booked for the night. All the hostels were showing no availability, but nothing like a little adventure!

The scenery on the trip from Italy to France was beautiful. From huge mountains to bright blue oceans, it was gorgeous. It made me so excited to go to the beach tomorrow.

When we arrived we looked up some of the nearest hostels and planned to just hope they had some spare beds for the night.

Very Mary-and-Joseph-naivety-scene style. “Any room at the Inn?!” Haha.

Our first try was shut down with a sign “COMPLETELY FULL.”

But luckily the second place we went could accommodate us! And, for a pretty decent price too, only €27 for the night and free breakfast in the morning.

We grabbed some food and headed to bed. Tomorrow we have to go and check in at the hostel we originally booked before the train strike changed our plans!

Chat tomorrow,

Hannah x


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