Day 23. Monaco F1 Races!

Today we bought breakfast at the local market. French breakfast are my favourite, a couple of chocolate croissants aka ‘pain du chocolat’ and a coffee or orange juice, you can’t go wrong!

After breakfast we walked along the coast to the boat port, where we caught the bus to Monaco.

It was about a 40 minute bus ride, but the views during the ride are outstanding because the bus drives right along the coast.

When we planned this trip, we knew that the famous Monaco Formula One circuit was due to be at the end of May. It wasn’t something we planned our dates around but it ended up working out.

So when the bus arrived in Monte Carlo’s city centre it was all set up for the races this weekend. Today and tomorrow are practice days for the drivers, so there were cars racing around the track. They are so loud! You can hear the cars all over the city.

We walked up the steps to the palace, which gives you panoramic views of the city and the F1 grand stand.

I’ve been to Monaco before when the track was set up, either before or after the race weekend, so it was cool to actually see cars on the track this time!

We bought some lunch up at the palace and walked to the other side of the city. As we stopped to check out the view, a seagull swooped by and took a bite of Hailey’s sandwich haha.

We wandered around a bit more up at the palace, then walked down the steps to the streets. A lot of the streets were filled with Formula One promotion stands and car brands.

For the last few hours we made our way to the beach in Monte Carlo. It’s actually a very beautiful beach, with crystal clear water, piers to jump off and rocks that surround the bay.

We lay there for just over an hour before catching the bus back to Nice.

Back in Nice we had dinner and bought loads of pick and mix sweets from a shop in Old Town. After all the food, we chilled out in the hostel for a while.

Around 9pm we headed out into the streets to walk around the markets and see the ocean at night.

We both bought some beautiful jewellary from a little market stall and walked along the beach for about an hour.

Someone in Monaco told us that the entry to the races is free tomorrow, so we’re going to try and check that out.

Chat tomorrow,

Hannah x


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