Day 24. Track-side at the Monaco Races!

We checked out of our hostel pretty early today because we wanted to catch an early bus back to Monaco.

We planned to take the 5:30pm train to Barcelona this evening, so we had to be back in Nice in time for that.

As usual I had chocolate croissants for breakfast. The weather has been the best yet in France, each day  has been beautiful.

When we arrived in Monaco we headed straight to the Grande Stand of the Formula One track. The races today were qualifying rounds for a Porshe super car circuit and F1 cars, so it was free entry for the public today.

We got seats in the first row, and it was incredible. Honestly the loudest thing I think I’ve ever heard. My ears were ringing after the second lap!

It was unreal being so close to the track. There were a few crashes and popped tyres, but it was awesome to be right by the action.

We stayed for a couple of hours before getting the bus back to Nice. We walked down to the beach for our last hour in Nice. Hailey and I were both really sad to leave France, it’s just so relaxing being by the beach and ocean.

However, we are also super excited for Barcelona!

We are currently in a train station on the way to Spain. We have a pretty long lay over in one of the stations, but we should arrive in Barcelona around 11am the next day!

Chat tomorrow,

Hannah x


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