Day 25. Kicked out the train station!

All of our trains to Barcelona were on schedule. We arrived at our last stop in France at 1:00am, where we had a 7 hour layover until our train to Spain the next morning.

We planned to slum it out in the train station and get as much sleep as we could. However…we were pleasantly surprised when the security guy told us the station was closing until 6:00am.

With nowhere to stay and it being past 1:00am, we had to act quick! We managed to use the stations wifi to find some nearby hostels and cheap hotels. At this point I would’ve paid whatever just to have a safe bed for the night, seeing as we actually had no idea where we were.

We walked up and down three streets and stopped by every hotel/hostel. Some were closed up, some has ‘full vacancy’ signs on and a few sleepy receptionists told us they had no space.

Our chances were looking slim, but somehow we were both unphased. Hailey had found a cheap hotel online that advertised they had open rooms, but at this point it was nearly 2:00am.

We found the place, called ‘Hotel Majestic.’ How classy! But all the windows were boarded up and the door locked.

We tried to pull and push it a few times then started to walk away, as we did a guy opened the door and thankfully told us he had room for us! We ended up paying €30 each for the night, which is about what we’ve paid at the hostels.

However this felt like luxury because we had nicer beds, a room to ourselves and our own shower and bathroom! Heaven!

We caught the train the next day and arrived in Barcelona at lunch time.

Our hostel in Barcelona is another success! We spent the day wandering around the city.

I bought so much food at the …street market; chorizo, cheese, sausages and chocolate covered strawberries. We walked along the ports and to the beaches.

We spent a couple of hours sitting at the beach. There was an outdoor jungle gym where guys were doing cross fit, gymnastics and pull up type exercises, so that kept us entertained!

We ate dinner at a beachside restaurant where we drank sangria and ate seafood paella.

Tonight we watched the Champions League Final at the hostel, and now I’m about to head to bed!

Chat tomorrow,

Hannah x


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