Comfort Zone or Conservative Zone?

Stepping out of your comfort zone means embracing fear, nerves, awkward small talk and most emotions that are usually easier for you to just avoid. But it’s doing these things and facing your fears that can, and will, reward you most.

Every time I’ve pushed myself to try something new or forced myself into a situation that isn’t familiar for me, it has always been worthwhile. I’m not saying it’s easy. Believe me, I get nervous like everyone else. I feel anxious, get those butterflies in my stomach and I totally cringe at the embarrassing small talk I make. But life is just too short to miss opportunities.

Most new things in life seem scary, but grab some perspective off the shelf and try to view the bigger picture.

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

Want to cut your hair? Scared you won’t suit it? IT. WILL. GROW. BACK.

Thinking about joining a new club? Scared you won’t fit in? You don’t have to go back the second time. But, WHAT IF…what if you love it?! What if you make some amazing new friends and discover something you love doing? Why potentially sacrifice that opportunity because of fear? Fuck fear.

Too nervous to go on a first date? What’s the worst that can happen? They don’t like you back. You probably won’t even like them anyways hahaa. You’re not contracted to a second date. But what if you don’t go…and that person might have been the one?

Not sure if you’ll enjoy travelling alone? It’s not forever! But you may discover more about yourself than you ever knew.

Even when I’ve tried something new and disliked it…maybe even hated it, it was still worthwhile. It was worthwhile because I learnt what I don’t like and why, and hey presto – I won’t be doing that again. Simple.

Confession. There was one time that my “no fucks given” theory was kind of flawed. Bungee Jumping. My mental process of “Well what’s the worst that can happen, Hannah?” wasn’t so successful when the outcome was, “umm…dying…!”

But honestly, my next thought was…”Well if this is how I go, at least it’s a very ‘Hannah’ way to die.” Spoiler – I didn’t die…(but also in no rush to do it again any time soon!)

I guess what I’m trying to say is I’ve made my best memories, friends and learnt my most valuable lessons outside of my comfort zone, not in it. It’s too easy to stay in it. It’s too easy to do the same shit every day, to only do what you’re used to and to only socialise with people of your same opinions, race, sexuality and religion.

Don’t live an easy life. God damn, that’s boring. Live a hard life. Challenge yourself. Get outside your comfort zone. Face those emotions because honestly, once you do, you’ll realise that those nerves don’t last and those ‘what if’s’ quickly fade away.

“No amount of security is worth the suffering of a mediocre life, chained to a routine that has killed your dreams.”

Trust me – the most outgoing and confident people face all the same fears, but they just choose to overcome them because the only other alternative is that they get the better of you, and nobody got time for that!

It’s never too late. Get comfortable feeling uncomfortable.

Han x


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