Hannah, Who?

Hey You,

So you’ve wound up on my blog.

I’m going to assume you already know me, or my family, or we have a mutual friend or you just follow me on social media. Either way – you’ve clicked a few buttons and ended up here, so welcome.

Whoever you are and wherever you’re from, it’s only fair to give you a quick update about me, my life and why I choose to document my opinions and experiences on the big old, world wide web.

Firstly, hey I’m Hannah.

If you asked me to give you my life history in about 30 seconds, it would go as follows:

Born in Carlisle, England. Raised in an extremely sporty, outgoing family. Went to boarding school aged nine – loved it. Bit of a joker in school, but did enough to get good grades. Awarded a sports scholarship for university in America, Massachusetts to be specific. Lived in the states for four years – loved it. Graduated with a BA in Journalism (hence the blog.) Moved home. Still playing hockey and rugby but now co-managing our family business with my parents.

I mean, there’s plenty of significant information I’ve missed out of that snippet, but feel free to have a scroll back through previous blogs if you’re curious to learn more.

If you stay tuned, you’ll most likely get a better grasp on me and my adventures.

*Disclaimer* – I mostly blog when I travel. It’s pretty much the only time I feel most creative and inspired to write. So, no promises here…but what I do post, I hope you enjoy.

Han x

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