Day 19. We Need a Foot Massage!

Today we checked out of our hostel in Prague. We grabbed a quick breakfast then walked to the famous castle in the city. Prague is a beautiful city, with some amazing buildings, bridges and river that winds through it. The river is always busy with little rowing boats, speed boats and even small cruise boats.... Continue Reading →


Day 18. Insane Bungee Jumping!

I have a confession to make... This morning Hailey and I went bungee jumping off a bridge in Prague. We planned it a few days earlier in Berlin but decided it was probably best if our friends and family didn't know, to save them the worrying! At 9:00am we were picked up at our hostel... Continue Reading →

Day 17. Prague 80/90s Dance Party!

Unfortunately, today was our last day in Berlin. It's been a great three days here because we've managed to do so much in such a short time. However, there's definitely more  to discover here so I'd want to visit again some day. Checking out of the hostel was bittersweet because it was so nice and... Continue Reading →

Day 16. Exploring Berlin!

Today was awesome because we explored a totally new side of Berlin that we hadn't seen yet. We had heard from friends and other people we've met that Berlin is such a cool city, but sometimes it can be hard to find the best parts. As you know, yesterday we covered the centre of the... Continue Reading →

Day 15. History of Berlin.

We got up pretty early again today so we could make the 10am free walking tour around Berlin. The walking tours really are such an easy and cheap way to see the city. The tour was three hours and our tour guide, Franziska, was amazing. She took us to the Holocaust Memorial, what's left of... Continue Reading →

Day 14. 7 Countries in 10 Days.

We checked out of our hostel around 10:00am, and then we walked into the city for a couple of hours. After seeing the Red Light District in action last night, we both wanted to learn more about that culture, it's history, the women's stories and how it operates 'legally.' We went to a museum in... Continue Reading →

Day 13. Bikes & Beers!

Last night we met our other roommates who are two Canadian and one Spanish girl. This hostel also has free breakfast, so we took advantage of that this morning! After breakfast we rented two bright orange bikes for the day. The best way to get around Amsterdam is definitely by bike. The cyclists are crazy... Continue Reading →

Day 12. Canals & Cannabis?!

Our train ride to Amsterdam was super simple, completely stress free. When we arrived we walked to our hostel, which was thankfully only a 5 minute walk this time! The hostel is great. It's a 20 minute walk from the city centre, very clean and safe. I've been so, so impressed with the standard of... Continue Reading →

Day 11. Best Beer in the World!

This morning we met a German couple who were also staying in our room. We woke at around 8:30am and head downstairs to take advantage of the free breakfast. I slept pretty well, even though the wooden bunk beds weren't the comfiest, but they did the job! My body was pretty sore his morning because... Continue Reading →

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